Bogota Legal Hackers Is Alive!

We are proud to announce the first South American chapter of Legal Hackers.

Daniel Santiago Acevedo has spearheaded the Bogota, Colombia chapter, and we are pumped to hear about their first event Thursday March 12.

Until then, buena suerte, Bogota!

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Stockholm Talks Drones

DSC_6505_ DSC_6420_

Legal Hackers’ first EU chapter is getting some great publicity after their most recent event on civilian drones.  The DC Chapter did a Drone BBQ last summer, so this is a theme Legal Hackers worldwide are wrestling with.  Here’s a note from Stockholm’s organizer, Robert Gullander:

Stockholm Legal Hackers organized an event on Jan 27 focusing on the opportunities of civilian drones. Drones (often referred to as UAVs) is an exciting technology field with many interesting legal implications. Around 100 entrepreneurs, techies and lawyers  joined together for three hours at Stockholm’s most hyped co-working space, SUP46, to mingle, listen to talks, enjoy panel discussions and to co-create. The first half of the event was focusing on two drone entrepreneurs and a drone lawyer sharing their stories and knowledge on stage. The second half was a co-creation session when all attendees joined one out of four groups to generate new ideas on different drone themes.
The ideas were presented on stage towards the end of the evening and showed a diversity of exciting innovative new opportunities within the drone field. The areas discussed were:
- Drones for Transportation/Delivery
- Aerial Visuals (photography, filming, scanning)
- Drones for performing smaller tasks and rescue missions
- Drones, just for fun
The ideas generated will be followed up at a Stockholm Legal Hackers event later this year.
The event was covered and mentioned in the largest business newspaper in Sweden with Stockholm Legal Hackers referred to as part of a global movement where lawyers and techies meet to innovate i.e. the market for legal services
Check out for more photos and info.
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Legal Hackers Korea!

Sean Hayes has formed the first Asian chapter of Legal Hackers in Korea.  Message from Sean:

I am excited to announce that Legal Hackers is, now, in Korea.  I will organize the first couple of meetings – we are, presently, discussing topics and a good location for the first meeting.

If you are interesting in joining (no fees), please drop me a line.  Love to have some young lawyers or entrepreneurs willing to take on some of the leg work.

Here is Korea’s Meetup Page!

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DC: Le Hackies a Stunning Show of Civic Tech


Last week, DC Legal Hackers put on the organization’s first awards show to recognize people and projects that have made important contributions to Legal Hackers worldwide.  The event was well-attended, great music was playing, and tacos were deeeeee-licious.  Not to mention we got to geek out to all of the awesome work DC’s members put in this year. As you may be able to tell, DC has been putting in werk!

Check out the list of honorees below and this great article from DC!  A huge congratulations to all of the winners.  Here is DC’s full info on the event.




A huge thanks to all the sponsors who made this event possible:

The Internet Society, Fastcase, The OpenGov Foundation, Clio, HP IDOL OnDemand, GitHub, and Google

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NY Video: Legal Issues in the Sharing Economy

New video up for Legal Issues in the Sharing Economy.  Check it out!


Moderated by Jonathan Askin.

Sponsored by HP IDOL OnDemand, Clio, and Joynture.  Huge thanks to the New York chapter of ISOC for continuing video support!

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Boston Globe Article

Check out this awesome article about Bill Palin, his submission to Code the Deal, and the upcoming Boston chapter of Legal Hackers.

Young lawyers seek to shake up legal profession with mobile apps–Boston Globe

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HP IDOL OnDemand Now a Sustaining Partner of Legal Hackers

Legal Hackers is proud to announce a new sustaining partnership with HP IDOL OnDemand (part of HP Big Data). With the assistance of HP IDOL OnDemand, Legal Hackers hopes to continue the international growth of its now several-thousand-members organization.

Legal Hackers and HP IDOL OnDemand recently teamed up on Code the Deal, a three-day hackathon in September of 2014 that challenged participants to create technology that improves the process of negotiating and executing legal transactions. HP IDOL OnDemand and Legal Hackers worldwide will continue to leverage the IDOL OnDemand API platform to build solutions that improve the law and legal process.

HP IDOL OnDemand and Legal Hackers have also discussed the possibility of additional new programs for Legal Hackers chapters, including additional hackathons to stimulate real solutions and a collective “summit” of the international legal innovation community. HP IDOL OnDemand has also committed to offering custom support to the Legal Hackers community.

HP IDOL OnDemand is an API platform for advanced conceptual and contextual analytics for document indexing, search and analysis. IDOL is an enterprise search solution that is leading in the legal industry and offers over 500 analytical functions for indexing, search and analysis of unstructured data, of which currently 35 functions are already available via the IDOL OnDemand API platform, while new functions are made available continuously. A free API Key can be obtained and full support for developers is available on the developer community via

Remko de Knikker is a developer evangelist at HP IDOL OnDemand and is leading the collaboration with Legal Hackers. You can contact him for questions or more information via Twitter @remkohdev or email via

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Legal Hackers Summit?

Some people have expressed an interest in holding a small convention of legal tech, innovation and hacking groups around the world.  Let us know if you would be interested in attending something like this, what you’d like to see when you get there, and (perhaps most important) how much you’d pay to get yourself there (consider lodging, travel, and other expenses)!

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Code the Deal Recap Video

Thanks to Nixon Peabody for putting together this great video recapping Code the Deal!

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Congratulations to Legal Hackers Panels @ SXSW 2015

Several Legal Hackers members, friends, and collaborators have been accepted to present on panels at South by Southwest 2015!  We hope to see you all there in March!

Nicole Bradick & Noah Waisberg – Will Your Next Lawyer Be a Machine?

Jameson Dempsey, Amy Wan, Dan Lear & Phil Weiss – Legal Hackers: A Global Movement to Reform the Law

Basha Rubin & Nabiha Syed – Rock, Meet Hard Place: Does Law Stifle Innovation?

Molly Schwartz, Rebecca Williams, Molly Bohmer & Daniel Schuman – Your Laws, Your Data: Making Government More Open

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