NY Video: Open Patent Licensing for Fun and Profit

A traditional patent license involves a payment for permission to use a new technology. But a series of new licensing models are bringing the power of open innovation into the patent arena. Can these new licenses help improve the patent system or win the patent wars? Will they incentivize R&D and attract top engineering talent? Will they stand up in court? Can they curb abusive patent litigation?

This panel discusses the evolution of technology licensing through the lens of the Defensive Patent License, Twitter’s Innovator’s Patent Agreement, License on Transfer, and more.

Michael Kasdan, Attorney and Partner, Wiggin and Dana LLP

Jason Schultz, Professor, NYU Law
Andrea Casillas, Director of Linux Defenders, Open Invention Network
Brian Chase, General Counsel, Foursquare
Kevin Prey, Member of the Board of Directors of LOT Network, IP Counsel at SAP

Sponsored by HP IDOL On Demand, DomainSkate, and Clio. Thank you to our host General Assembly and the Internet Society New York Chapter for the video!

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