NY Legal Hackers Declare “Safe Harbor R.I.P.: A Data Protection Postmortem”

On October 27th, New York Legal Hackers discussed the Court of Justice of the European Union’s invalidation of the much relied upon “safe harbor” permitting transfers of EU personal data to many United States companies earlier in the month. Fueled in large part by Edward Snowden’s disclosures on NSA surveillance, the decision means that EU law no longer recognizes one of the primary ways for enabling transfers of personal data. Almost 5,000 companies now must look for alternative ways under EU law to legitimize transfers that are today an integral part of daily commerce. The case also throws into question a number of other methods used in the EU to enable free flows of data, and recent statements from regulators and policymakers both within and without the EU have only further complicated the picture.

Andrew Rausa and NY organizer Warren Allen discussed the impact of a world with no Safe Harbor, the possible alternatives available, and the growing trend in countries implementing EU-style restrictions on the transfer of data.

Thank you to Cardozo Law School for hosting the event and the Internet Society New York Chapter for the video!