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We are so pleased to announce that New York chapter of Legal Hackers has reached a stunning 500 members!  We are so happy to make this exciting announcement, and we thank all current members for making it possible!

ADR for Startups: The Future of Dispute-Resolution Mechanisms


Last week, the Legal Hackers convened at Projective Space to discuss the future of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for startup companies. Said organizer and moderator Giulio Zanolla:

Although established companies often have the resources to continue the success of their businesses, startups face an uncomfortable tension–when startup founders get into a seemingly insurmountable dispute, they are often faced with the temptation to end things before they get worse. Mr. Zanolla suggested that ADR may serve well in these uncomfortable situations.

As always, the Legal Hackers posed some fascinating questions to our panel. But the recurring theme of the evening was setting founder expectations early, properly preparing for disagreement, and using mechanisms that avoid the hot-headed and irrational decisions that come with dispute.

A huge thanks to our panelists for the evening:

Giulio Zanolla – Associate Mediator at Weinstein Melnick LLC

Vivek Boray – Partner at De Franceschi & Shefayee LLP

Jesse Sandoval – Co-Founder/CEO of MindSwell

Yaron Vilosny – Founder/CEO of JusticeBox.net

And a particularly huge thanks to our sponsor, JusticeBox!

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