NY Legal Hackers Declare “Safe Harbor R.I.P.: A Data Protection Postmortem”

On October 27th, New York Legal Hackers discussed the Court of Justice of the European Union’s invalidation of the much relied upon “safe harbor” permitting transfers of EU personal data to many United States companies earlier in the month. Fueled in large part by Edward Snowden’s disclosures on NSA surveillance, the decision means that EU law no longer recognizes one of … Read More

Making it Real: Legal Hacking Comes to DUMBO (and London and San Francisco…)

For almost two years now the Legal Hackers community has brought lawyers, politicians, technologists, advocates, artists, and business people together to explore and create alternative solutions to pressing legal and regulatory problems.  Two weekends ago, we made a substantial step forward in putting those discussions to practice. On February 8th and 9th in DUMBO, a group of talented lawyers, coders, … Read More