New York Legal Hackers Ask What A Trump Presidency Will Mean for Technology Innovation

On December 14, 2016, the New York Legal Hackers chapter hosted a non-partisan panel discussion on what the state of technology policy might be over the next four years under President-Elect Trump. Watch the video below: Panelists  Oz Sultan – Former CounterTerrorism Policy and Smart Cities Advisor, Trump Campaign Kristian Stout – Associate Director for Innovation Policy, International Center for … Read More

New York Legal Hackers Explore Cryptocurrency Regulation

In a lively panel discussion on March 2nd, the New York Legal Hackers explored the shifting perceptions of Bitcoin and the various regulatory regimes impacting cryptocurrencies. Over the past several years, virtual currencies such as Bitcoin have made headlines — first as an untraceable currency used largely by criminals, then as an easily lost asset as exchanges such as Mt. Gox collapsed after … Read More

NY Legal Hackers Declare “Safe Harbor R.I.P.: A Data Protection Postmortem”

On October 27th, New York Legal Hackers discussed the Court of Justice of the European Union’s invalidation of the much relied upon “safe harbor” permitting transfers of EU personal data to many United States companies earlier in the month. Fueled in large part by Edward Snowden’s disclosures on NSA surveillance, the decision means that EU law no longer recognizes one of … Read More

500 (million?) !

We are so pleased to announce that New York chapter of Legal Hackers has reached a stunning 500 members!  We are so happy to make this exciting announcement, and we thank all current members for making it possible! It's official: the NY Legal Hackers now have 500 members! Thanks to all who have supported the group-we could not ask for … Read More